How to start an OnlyFans: beginner’s guide

Jane Foster
November 23, 2023

If you have a decent social media following and are considering starting an OnlyFans page, you’ve come to the right place. Let us walk you through our step-to-step guide on how to make an OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans sign up

You can sign up either via Twitter, or via the traditional registration form. The Twitter option is straightforward; you simply link it to your Twitter account, granting the necessary permissions. If you prefer not to link your Twitter account, you can choose the conventional registration method, which involves providing your name, username, password, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll receive a verification email in your inbox. Be sure to check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear immediately.

After verifying your email, you’ll receive another confirmation email, signaling that your account setup is complete. Now, it’s time to configure your financial details to receive earnings through OnlyFans.

Then it’s time to set up your payment information. Visit your profile, select “Subscription Price,” then click on “Add Bank or Payment Information. “Opt for the “Add Bank” option in the top right corner. Provide the necessary details, including your account and bank’s routing number. Confirm that you are at least 18 years old and a legal resident of your country or jurisdiction.

Next, you’ll need to undergo identity verification. Upload two photos: one of your identification card (or driver’s license) and another with you holding the same ID card. Both your face and the ID card must be clearly visible. Passports are also acceptable.

Afterward, answer questions about the content you intend to create. Click “Send For Approval.” Typically, verification approval takes about 72 hours at best. Once approved, you can proceed to the next step.

Subscription pricing

With the setup complete, you can now establish prices for subscriptions and additional content, such as pay-per-view messages. Set a price that you believe your followers would be willing to pay, whether it’s $4.99 or $49.99.

Keep in mind that a portion of your free followers, typically 1 to 5 percent, may eventually become paid subscribers. Therefore, promoting your OnlyFans page whenever possible is essential. Ultimately, having ten subscribers at $5 each can be more profitable than two subscribers at $20.

Leverage bundles and discounts

To effectively manage your OnlyFans page and set competitive pricing, consider the strategic use of bundles and discounts. These promotional tactics are particularly valuable in the initial stages when building your subscriber base.

Discounts serve as an enticing incentive for users to subscribe, while bundles encourage longer and more committed subscriptions.

Craft a personalized welcome message

Upon a user’s subscription, an automatic welcome message is dispatched. This is your chance to express gratitude for their support and encourage them to explore and engage with your exclusive content. Ensure your welcome message exudes warmth and a personal touch.

Moreover, you have the option to attach Pay-Per-View (PPV) media here, potentially increasing your earnings from first-time subscribers.

Implement country restrictions

OnlyFans offers the capability to restrict access from specific countries to your profile. This feature can be useful for safeguarding your privacy, preventing friends and family from discovering your account.

However, it’s important to note that blocking high-traffic countries may lead to a decrease in organic traffic. Deciding whether to prioritize privacy or broader visibility is a personal choice.

Conceal your follower count

In the initial stages, it’s prudent to hide your follower count via the settings menu since you may not have an established following. Social proof plays a significant role on platforms like OnlyFans, and users tend to be more hesitant to subscribe to creators with no visible following. Once you’ve gathered at least a few dozen subscribers, you can consider revealing your follower count.

Get inspired by other creators

Exploring the universe of thriving OnlyFans creators and their OnlyFans careers offers a wealth of knowledge for those embarking on their own journey. Your best bet is to scour the profiles of seasoned creators to take inspiration on what and how they’re posting their content. This is not to say you should be a copycat; find your own formula and style. But by carefully analyzing their content, interaction methods, and more, you can uncover invaluable tips and techniques to enhance your presence on the platform.

Start posting

Now that you already know how to make an OnlyFans account, it’s time to post your first piece of content. It could be a picture or a video.

Just to be clear, you are allowed to publish adult content on the website. Therefore, it’s acceptable to post explicit videos or take naked pictures (especially if you work as an adult entertainer). Although some refer to it as a “porn site” because such material is permitted, you are not required to behave in the same way.

In light of this, as you start your OnlyFans content creation journey, it’s critical that you maintain consistency with your content.

To succeed on OnlyFans, it’s essential to diversify your content into three distinct categories:

1. Exclusive OnlyFans content

This category comprises the content you’ll directly publish on your OnlyFans page. To maintain subscriber loyalty, it’s crucial to deliver high-quality content that makes them feel they’re getting value for their subscription. However, consider reserving your absolute best content for PPV (Pay-Per-View) offerings.

In this realm, creativity knows no bounds. Explore your niche, enjoy the process, and adapt based on audience feedback, occasionally venturing into new territory.

2. Content tailored for social media promotion

While it’s permissible for this content to be somewhat risqué, it should be toned down to align with the regulations of various social media platforms. Depending on your promotional channels, it may be necessary to avoid explicit nudity. This strategy not only safeguards your online presence but also entices potential subscribers to click through to your OnlyFans page.

Visual content, particularly images, proves most effective for promotional purposes. Videos, while great for engagement, often demand more resources for production.

3. Profitable Pay-Per-View (PPV) content

The third category includes your most explicit and valuable content, accessible to subscribers through direct messages and secured behind a paywall. PPV content constitutes a significant source of income for top creators on OnlyFans and typically features more hardcore or extreme material than what’s publicly posted on your page.

Starting out, concentrate on building your page, and gradually introduce PPV content to your subscriber base as you grow.

Promote your OnlyFans

While you may have executed everything flawlessly up to this point, neglecting to promote your OnlyFans can significantly delay your initial subscriber count.

It’s important to note that OnlyFans lacks an internal search algorithm, and relying on the platform’s creator recommendation system may not yield favorable results, especially for new creators who often have limited visibility.

Rather than leaving your success to chance, it’s advisable to take an active approach to promote your OnlyFans. One effective strategy is to draw traffic from external sources, such as various social media platforms.

One particularly potent avenue for attracting subscribers to your OnlyFans is through Reddit promotion. Reddit hosts a plethora of NSFW-friendly subreddits ideally suited for promotional purposes. Many top creators leverage these subreddits to amass a substantial subscriber base, including individuals willing to pay a premium for exclusive content.

Other social media sites where you should try to promote your OnlyFans include Instagram and Twitter, especially since the latter is 100% adult-friendly.

Final thoughts

If you’re considering launching your journey as a content creator on OnlyFans and reaping the benefits, it’s prime time to embark on this exciting venture. Don’t hesitate; dive into its profitable world now that you already know how to start an OnlyFans.

If you’re prepared to take the plunge, begin by registering at and establishing your personalized account. The registration process is both swift and straightforward. However, it’s imperative to ensure that your account undergoes verification before you embark on your earnings journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the dynamic realm of content creation on OnlyFans and connect with your audience.

Author Jane Foster