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My.Club is a leading platform tailored for both aspiring and seasoned content creators seeking a dynamic and rewarding online presence. With a sterling reputation in the industry, My.Club has carved its niche as a creator-centric platform designed to cater to a diverse array of talents and interests. The brand’s target audience includes artists, entertainers, educators, sex workers (the platform always keeps it adult-friendly) and influencers looking to monetize their creativity.

Brand overview

Founded by a team of tech enthusiasts on August 20 of 2021, My.Club’s mission is to empower creators by offering them a versatile platform to showcase their talents, connect with their audience, and monetize their content effectively. At the heart of My.Club’s ethos lies a commitment to fostering relationships between creators and their dedicated fanbase, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.


Celebrating diverse forms of artistic expression.


Nurturing a vibrant community of like-minded creators and fans.


Providing creators with the tools to thrive in the digital landscape.


No matter your race, sexuality or background, there’s a place for you in My.Club.

Key features and benefits

My.Club stands as a hub of innovation and opportunity, offering a plethora of engaging features that culminate in an experience that is both enchanting and financially rewarding. Creators have the privilege to monetize their unique content, while enthusiasts revel in the exclusivity of their favorite creators’ offerings. This synergy cultivates a sense of community and interactivity that sets My.Club apart. Its commitment to empowering creators and creating a space for genuine interactions resonates through each aspect of the platform, propelling it beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the truly magical.

The platform boasts a number of money-making features for creators like no other. Apart from the subscriptions, they also have a profitable referral program, tips that users can send to appreciate their favorite creators, built-in marketing tools to reach a wider audience and an analytics dashboard for creators to gain insights into their content performance and audience engagement and thus be able to boost their earnings, and many more. Among all of those feature, it’s worth-mentioning mass messages, which creators can send to a group of people (they can attach photos or videos to them and sell them directly), and the Request menu. The latter allows creators to offer diverse activities for a self-selected price. It’s akin to curating a personalized catalog of experiences. The menu accommodates customized options, such as a “request anything” feature.

However, what really sets My.Club apart, are features like their Promo page, since they’re the only content-selling platform to offer such a thing. This feature offers content creators the ability to craft a distinct landing page with a free custom domain, seamlessly connecting to their social media, My.Club, and other profiles. This serves as their personal website address and a comprehensive showcase for their club. 

Creators can also display exclusive My.Club attributes such as Dreams, Request menu, stories, and teaser posts, enabling direct access from their Promo page. This glimpse into their club’s unique offerings enhances online discoverability and visibility for potential members. The best part is that creators  have the liberty to select their domain name, including options like .com, .net, and .club, and that they can confidently share their Promo page across social media, as it’s 100% safe and compatible across all sites.

Promo page
Mass messages
Withdrawal methods58

Content guidelines and restrictions

My.Club fosters an environment that encourages diverse content creation while adhering to responsible guidelines. Their rules are like any other content-selling and/or adult platform’s, aimed at ensuring a safe and respectful environment for both creators and subscribers. What’s interesting about My.Club’s guidelines though, is that they support anything adult related and guarantee that it will remain like that no matter what. That’s why a lot of adult content creators turn to My.Club, cause they don’t fear that it will ever ban explicit content like OnlyFans once did.

For those content creators that are just getting started, My.Club offers them a lot of guides and material on how to start making money on the site. If you need to find your niche or content ideas for your club that align with their guidelines, you can check their blog section, where they cover a lot of those topics.

By fostering a compliant environment and offering assistance in content creation, My.Club aims to empower creators to flourish while promoting respect and safety.

Revenue model and payout

My.Club offers a transparent revenue model that puts creators in control. You can earn substantial income from not only subscriptions, but also from other money-making features the platform offers such as custom requests, tips, paid content, referral program, mass messages, Dream, Goal and many others. The commission structure is designed to maximize your earnings; the platform only takes a 20% of your earnings. Payouts are flexible and convenient for creators, with 8 different payout options to ensure that they can receive their earnings through methods that suit their preferences: Paxum, COSMO Payment, ACH/Direct, cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDC), EUR wire transfers (SEPA), Directa24, Yoursafe (former Bitsafe) and international wire transfers. Depending on the payout method you choose, there will be a different threshold, but the minimum is $50. 

For creators wondering how much they can earn, it varies based on factors such as engagement, subscriber base, and content quality. But all in all, My.Club provides creators with all the tools they need to make a substancial amount, so at the end of the day it really comes down to each creator’s efforts and work ethic.

To start earning on My.Club, creators can follow these steps: first, set up your profile and create captivating content that aligns with our guidelines. Engage with your audience to grow your subscriber base. Utilize all the features at your disposal to maximize your earnings; set a Goal and a Dream, add your custom options to your Request menu, add a Teaser post to lure new fans in, and add a good balance of free and paid content. Also, showcase your uniqueness through premium content offerings. And finally, explore additional monetization options like the referral program to boost your income potential, and promote your club outside of My.Club’s walls with your Promo page.

With My.Club’s revenue model, content creators have the opportunity to turn their passion into a profitable venture, all while providing valuable experiences to their subscribers.

User experience and interface

My.Club boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive design that provides a seamless navigation and enhances your content creation journey. Navigating the platform is effortless. The platform’s main interface features are strategically placed, enabling users to effortlessly access key functionalities. These include intuitive search options, and clear categorization of content.

The aesthetic appeal of My.Club’s interface adds to the overall user experience. With a clean and modern design, users are greeted with the characteristic black and purple colors of the brand, as well as with visually pleasing elements that contribute to a positive engagement environment. Furthermore, the platform’s functionality is robust, offering creators tools for content management, analytics, and subscriber engagement. Subscribers, on the other hand, enjoy a hassle-free experience while accessing content and managing their subscriptions.

To register on My.Club, the process is pretty straightforward and easy. Moreover, if you already have any other account on a similar platform, you don’t have to start from scratch; once you create your account in a couple of clicks, you can copy your content from OnlyFans, for example, to My.Club with the Copy Content to My.Club browser extension. All your content will be transferred in just one click, and your club will be already set up.


In conclusion, My.Club emerges as the ultimate platform for aspiring and seasoned content creators. It’s not a coincidence that it’s growing by leaps and bounds with more and more creators choosing it as their content-selling platform. Whether you want to create tutorials, video guides, educational material, cooking courses, fitness plans, travel content, beauty and wellness content, or adult content, My.Club has everything you need to monetize it and earn big.

With its reputation, diverse monetization options, and creator-focused approach, it offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and earnings. Plus, it doesn’t have as much competence as other platforms such as for example OnlyFans, so there’s a slice of cake for everyone. The dynamic interface, transparent revenue model, and engaging community make it a compelling choice for creators looking to thrive in the digital realm. For creators seeking to turn their passion into a thriving career, My.Club is the definitive destination.

Ups & Downs

  • More diverse monetization options than in other platforms
  • Provides promotion tools such as the Pomo page with custom domain to link to your club and other profiles and promote them on your socials

  • Stellar customer support service

  • User-friendly interface

  • Great amounts of traffic for everyone


  • Reputation:
    Trusted by a growing community of creators.

  • Target audience:
    Artists, entertainers, educators, sex workers and influencers. In short, all kinds of content creators.
  • Unique selling points:
    Innovative monetization options, robust community engagement.