FeetFinder vs InstaFeet

Jane Foster
October 6, 2023

Have you ever considered monetizing your foot pics and videos? FeetFinder and InstaFeet are some of the most popular platforms out there for turning your foot content into earnings.

Yes, you read it right—there are dedicated websites for selling exclusively foot pics, and among them, FeetFinder and InstaFeet shine as the top contenders. Now, the big question arises: which one suits you better, InstaFeet, or FeetFinder?

To find the answer, we’ve compiled valuable insights to help you navigate the distinctions between these two platforms effectively.

What is FeetFinder?

Offering a secure and trustworthy environment, FeetFinder ensures the safety of your data and content with cutting-edge security features.

Customers can explore a diverse collection of photos and videos directly from content creators, all at their fingertips. Content creators have the freedom to curate their fan pages, showcasing their foot-centric content in captivating ways—whether it’s adorned with stylish heels, intricate nail art, or indulgent sole treatments. For those who prefer anonymity, FeetFinder provides the option to work discreetly.

FeetFinder reigns supreme in the realm of foot content creation and sales, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking authenticity and credibility in this niche market.

What is InstaFeet?

True to its name, InstaFeet is an uncharted territory, catering specifically to those who harbor a deep fascination for feet. The platform operates on a subscription basis, offering a unique blend of feet photography and marketing. Aspiring content creators can easily create accounts, either logging in or registering as sellers.

What sets InstaFeet apart is its exclusive, private nature, contrasting sharply with mainstream social media platforms. It boasts an official website and maintains an active presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ease of useEasy for both creators and usersPlatform not actively maintained and takes long to load
Commission fee20%10%
Payout frequencyWeekly payoutsEvery 15 days
DiscoverabilityEasy to be found through hashtags and specific picturesLimited help with discovery
Customer serviceGood customer servicePoor customer support
Referral bonusAvailableAvailable
Mobile appNot availableNot available

How can you make money?

These are the various avenues to generate income on FeetFinder:

  • Buyer subscriptions: earn through subscriptions purchased by your audience.
  • Tips from admirers: buyers can show their appreciation by tipping you on FeetFinder.
  • Custom content requests: fulfill custom requests for unique foot content.
  • Album sales: create and sell albums that can be bought multiple times, adding to your earnings.
  • Individual foot media: profit from individual sales of feet pictures and videos.
  • Referral commission: invite others to join the platform using your referral code and receive a commission from their sales.

At InstaFeet, income generation is achieved through three primary methods:

  • Subscriptions: earnings come from subscribers who access your content.
  • Foot media sales: you can profit by selling feet pictures and videos to interested buyers.
  • Custom content sales: offer custom foot content for a unique revenue stream.

It’s important to note that Instafeet sellers do not have the option to sell albums, which could have been a significant source of income.

Pros and cons of each platform

FeetFinder pros and cons:


  • User-friendly interface for both creators and users.
  • Simple login and verification process.
  • Accessibility for customers worldwide.
  • Weekly payouts for content creators.
  • Rigorous ID verification to prevent fake accounts.
  • Referral bonuses for bringing in new members.
  • Easy exploration through hashtags and specific profiles.


  • Lack of a mobile application.

InstaFeet pros and cons:


  • Free registration for creators and sellers.
  • Flexibility in setting prices as a seller.
  • Privacy features allow creators to hide their identities.
  • Exclusive access for buyers.


  • Limited assistance in gaining visibility.
  • Subpar customer support.
  • Lengthy creator application approval process.
  • Not all applications are accepted.
  • Concerns about personal and financial data security.

The verdict

These two platforms exhibit distinctions, yet both hold significant potential within the feet fetish industry. FeetFinder stands out for its credibility in marketing policies and regular website maintenance. In contrast, InstaFeet provides a secure and cost-free environment for both sellers and buyers.

We recommend adopting a cross-marketing approach for your foot-related business on both platforms to enhance sales and offer users a diverse experience. Exploring additional feet-oriented websites can also be a valuable strategy to foster business growth, so it’s essential to ensure you have a sufficient array of sources to drive sales.

Author Jane Foster