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Fanvue is a social network similar to OnlyFans, where you can monetize your content and earn income by sharing various forms of media.

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Fanvue operates as a vibrant social media platform, offering a thriving hub for content creators spanning both adult and non-adult categories. It serves as a platform to bridge creators and their audiences, facilitating the monetization of their creative pursuits. Inclusivity lies at the heart of Fanvue, encompassing adult content creators alongside influencers, chefs, artists, authors, developers, and more. Fanvue’s dedication to nurturing creators across genres underscores its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive creative community.

Notably, Fanvue distinguishes itself by maintaining a balanced ecosystem that welcomes creators from various content domains. This holistic approach positions Fanvue as a versatile platform, catering to a wide array of creators and promoting a dynamic and thriving community of adult content creators.

Brand overview

Fanvue is headquartered in the UK and was launched in August 2021. Fanvue’s mission, vision, and team values are thoughtfully outlined to guide the platform’s growth and impact. Their mission centers around providing content creators with a space to thrive, fostering creativity and connection between creators and their audience. Fanvue envisions becoming a premier global platform, recognized for its inclusivity and empowerment of creators from diverse backgrounds. Their commitment to values such as creativity, inclusivity, and community building is evident in their approach. The team values collaboration, adaptability, and a user-centric perspective, ensuring a positive experience for both creators and users. Altogether, Fanvue’s mission and vision underscore their dedication to creating an environment that embraces creativity, diversity, and community, while their team values lay the foundation for a dynamic and user-focused platform.

Key features and benefits

Fanvue offers a range of compelling features that enhance the user experience and engagement. One notable feature is its real-time updates and live commentary, allowing users to stay informed about the latest scores, highlights, and news from their favorite teams and events. Beyond conventional sports updates, Fanvue provides an interactive platform for users to engage in live discussions, polls, quizzes, and even game predictions, fostering a sense of active participation in the sports community. The platform’s social networking aspects enable users to connect with fellow fans, create or join interest-based groups, and organize meetups, cultivating a strong sense of camaraderie. Additionally, Fanvue caters to content creators with features like channel promo videos to attract subscribers and the ability to receive direct messages from fans.

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Content guidelines and restrictions

Fanvue maintains content guidelines to ensure a diverse and safe environment. These guidelines cater to various niches and genres, offering creators support in finding their unique space. Fanvue’s community guidelines are centered around creating an environment where all users can express themselves openly and engage in free, open communications. The platform aims to foster a community in which users can participate in respectful and transparent interactions. These guidelines underline the importance of maintaining a space that is welcoming and inclusive, allowing users to freely engage with one another and with content.

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Revenue model and payout

Fanvue has adopted a proactive strategy concerning payouts and commissions, showcasing a deep understanding of the hurdles creators encounter while establishing a devoted subscriber base. This proactive approach is exemplified through their enticing commission structure. During the initial three months of a creator’s tenure, Fanvue imposes a mere 15% commission on earnings.

The comprehensive commission encompasses earnings from tips, subscriptions, and pay-per-view content. Following this initial period, the commission rate adjusts to 20%.

An outstanding aspect of Fanvue is the transparency embedded within its payment and commission structure. The absence of concealed fees or unexpected deductions fosters an environment of upfront clarity. This transparent approach is widely valued by creators, as it facilitates effective financial planning.

User experience and interface

Fanvue offers a compelling user experience and an intuitive interface that caters to sports fans and content creators. With real-time updates, immersive community engagement, and unique features, Fanvue has become a go-to platform for sports enthusiasts. For creators, it provides a seamless and safe subscription page experience. The platform is designed to connect creators with their fans, enabling them to earn through subscriptions. Notably, Fanvue’s landing page animation demonstrates its commitment to appealing UI/UX design.

Aspiring content creators can register on Fanvue by visiting the Fanvue website and creating a login account. Once on the website, they will be presented with the option to become a creator. After selecting this option, they can proceed to register and set up their profile. Upon successful registration, creators can start producing and publishing their content on their Fanvue page to engage with their audience, gain exposure, and earn income through subscriptions and interactions with their fans.


In conclusion, Fanvue emerges as a vibrant and inclusive social media platform that bridges content creators and their audiences. The platform’s user-centric approach, highlighted by its mission to provide a space for creators to thrive and connect, fosters creativity and community engagement. With features such as real-time updates, live discussions, and interactive elements, Fanvue enriches the user experience for content creators. The transparent payment and commission structure further contributes to a favorable creator experience. The platform’s dedication to inclusivity, community building, and a user-friendly interface positions it as a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of content creators.

Ups & Downs

  • Inclusive platform for a diverse range of creators

  • Thoughtful mission and vision promoting creativity and connection
  • Transparent commission structure supports creators
  • Younger platform compared to established competitors
  • Competition in the content creator market


  • Unique Features:
    Exclusive communities, promotional tools, analytics dashboards.