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LoyalFans is an online platform that facilitates interactions between content creators and their fans through subscription-based fan clubs. Similar to platforms like OnlyFans, LoyalFans allows content creators, often from the adult entertainment industry, to share exclusive content with subscribers who pay a recurring fee. The platform aims to provide a space where creators and fans can engage in meaningful interactions. LoyalFans offers unique features and revenue-sharing programs, where creators can earn money by offering subscription-based content to their loyal fan base. It’s designed for creators who want to offer premium content to their subscribers.

Brand overview

LoyalFans stands as a haven for content creators seeking an authentic and rewarding connection with their audience. With a mission rooted in empowering creators, LoyalFans fosters an environment where core values of creative expression, privacy, and inclusivity flourish. The platform’s dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships with content creators is evident through its robust features and supportive community. LoyalFans’ commitment to providing creators a safe space to share their content while maintaining a respectful atmosphere for subscribers underpins its appeal as a premier content-sharing platform.

Key features and benefits

LoyalFans distinguishes itself through an array of unique features that enrich the creator-fan interaction and open doors to potential additional earnings.

At the heart of LoyalFans is its video store – a hub where creators can retail individual video clips. This versatile space allows creators to tailor their approach. It can be a platform for longer, uncut videos, providing users with substantial value. Alternatively, creators can use it as an avenue to explore new content, encouraging loyal fans (pun absolutely intended) to make a little extra contribution.

LoyalFans also offers interactive calls. Engaging in video calls with your fans amplifies your bond with them, fostering a strong rapport that even encourages tipping while the call is underway.

In addition to the video store, LoyalFans features a robust tool for streaming live shows to your audience. Fans can access these shows by making payments and even leave tips. Think of it as a collective video call with all your fans – it’s a dynamic method to forge a community.

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Content guidelines and restrictions

LoyalFans has content guidelines and restrictions in place to ensure compliance with legal standards and maintain a safe environment. Content posted on LoyalFans must adhere to federal, state, local, and international laws, as well as credit card association standards. Creators are not allowed to post content depicting or promoting non-consensual sexual acts, illegal activities, or explicit content that violates the platform’s policies. While there are limitations on what creators can post, the platform offers unique features for sharing exclusive content with subscribers. Becoming a LoyalFans model requires individuals to be at least 18 years old. Subscriber information, including real names, addresses, and credit card details, is protected to ensure privacy and security.

Brand Awareness

Revenue model and payout

LoyalFans’ revenue model mirrors that of other fan platforms in a familiar fashion – it earns by deducting a portion from your earnings originating from live streaming, subscriptions, video store sales, and private messaging. LoyalFans’ commission stands at 20%, a standard fee akin to most major platforms.

It’s imperative to elucidate that if you refer someone to a LoyalFans creator, and that referral results in a purchase, the 5% you earn is extracted from LoyalFans’ portion, without affecting the creator’s earnings. You receive the full 5%, with no subsequent 20% charge on the 5%, ensuring clarity and avoiding confusion.

User experience and interface

LoyalFans offers a user-friendly interface for both creators and fans. It features an easy-to-use platform with tools like hashtags, trending videos, and video bookmarks to enhance the user experience. This interface allows creators to set up and engage with their audience seamlessly.


In conclusion, LoyalFans emerges as a distinctive platform tailored to content creators seeking a profound and authentic bond with their audience. Its commitment to empowerment is evident through its mission to provide a space where creative expression, privacy, and inclusivity are fostered. The platform’s unique features, including the versatile video store for tailored content and interactive calls, amplify the creator-fan interaction while offering avenues for additional earnings. Furthermore, the dedication to maintaining legal compliance and a safe environment is noteworthy, although some limitations on content creation exist. LoyalFans’ revenue-sharing model, though standard, ensures a fair approach to compensation. The interface’s user-friendliness, complete with engaging tools, provides a seamless experience for both creators and fans. While designed for various content creators, including those from the adult entertainment industry, LoyalFans’ commitment to respectful interactions and fostering a strong community renders it a premier choice. Thus, LoyalFans stands as a robust platform with an array of features, fostering meaningful connections and potential financial success for creators.

Ups & Downs

  • Creator-friendly

  • Referral commission

  • Internal traffic
  • Big competition

  • Limited niche audience
  • Payout schedule only twice a month


  • Texting and Voice Calls:
    LoyalFans enables creators to establish personal connections with their fans through text messages and voice calls, fostering deeper connections.
  • Referral Program:
    Creators can boost their earnings by inviting other content creators to join the platform.