LoyalFans vs. OnlyFans

Jane Foster
October 2, 2023

OnlyFans might be the most renowned platform for selling content, but being the most famous does not necessarily equate to being the best. In this comprehensive comparison, we pit OnlyFans against a formidable contender, LoyalFans.

While LoyalFans is a newer entrant in this field compared to OnlyFans, it has been meticulously crafted by individuals with substantial experience in the adult industry. Their goal is to foster a stronger connection between content creators and their audience.

Considering these factors, the crucial question emerges: which platform holds the advantage for content creators today? Let’s delve into the details and find the answer.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans stands as a subscription-based platform dedicated to adult content, offering a unique opportunity for creators to connect with their audience. Users subscribe on a monthly basis to gain access to exclusive content and experiences.

Widely recognized as one of the foremost platforms for sharing adult-oriented content, OnlyFans boasts an impressive community, with over 2 million models and a staggering 100 million users. It has proven to be a lucrative platform for many adult content creators, providing them with the means to earn income through subscriptions and direct payments from their dedicated fan base.

What is LoyalFans?

LoyalFans emerged as a platform in the wake of OnlyFans’ success, joining a cohort of similar platforms. However, it’s essential to note that LoyalFans is backed by a team with extensive experience in the adult industry, accumulating a total of 35 years of combined expertise.

This wealth of experience positions LoyalFans to understand the specific needs of adult content creators and prioritize their support. While LoyalFans does welcome creators of safe-for-work content, it primarily caters to the adult content niche, where it hosts a diverse community, including a notable presence of financial domination (findom) creators.

Brand recognitionWell-established with a larger user baseGrowing but not as widely recognized
Content varietyOffers a wide range of content, including adult and non-adultFocuses primarily on adult content
Revenue potentialAllows creators to earn well, especially in adult nichesOffers good earning potential with fan interactions
User baseOver 100 million usersSmaller user base than OnlyFans
Unique featuresLimited unique features mentionedMay offer unique features but not specified
PayoutsKnown for reliable and timely payoutsPayouts may vary and are not as well-documented
Content guidelinesAdult content allowed; evolving content policiesAdult content focus with potential for other content
Creator supportLimited information about creator supportAims to create a closer bond between creators and users

Ways to make money

Make money

The primary method for creators to generate income involves charging users a monthly subscription fee to access their content.

Both OnlyFans and LoyalFans offer the flexibility to set your preferred subscription prices, making this aspect comparable. Additionally, both platforms enable creators to receive tips from users, ensuring a level playing field in this regard.

However, the significant distinction arises when we consider the referral programs offered by both platforms. In terms of the referral cut, both OnlyFans and LoyalFans offer a 5% commission. The key difference lies in the duration of this referral arrangement. OnlyFans caps it at one year from the initial referral, with subsequent earnings going exclusively to OnlyFans.

In contrast, LoyalFans offers a lifetime referral arrangement. Regardless of how long the referred member uses the site and spends money, creators will consistently earn 5% of those earnings. This feature allows creators to gradually accumulate a substantial additional income from their referred members over time.

But let’s ponder the real important question: how simple is it to expand your subscriber base and, consequently, optimize your earnings?

After all, if you set a $10 monthly subscription fee, your goal is to have as many subscribers as possible because, after the platform’s cut, you retain $8 of it.

OnlyFans boasts a well-known brand name, making it instantly recognizable when you encourage individuals to subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

In contrast, LoyalFans may lack that level of recognition, but it excels in discoverability features. This means that casual users can easily discover your profile if they are already exploring the platform.

Regarding payouts, process is pretty straightforward with OnlyFans. The minimum payout threshold is $20, and you have the flexibility to request a payout whenever you wish. After initiating the payout request, it typically takes approximately 21 days for the payment to undergo processing. Subsequently, it usually takes about a week for the funds to be transferred to your bank account.

On the other hand, LoyalFans operates with a higher minimum payout requirement of $50. Additionally, LoyalFans follows a specific payment schedule, with two payment cycles each month. Payments are typically made on the 15th day and the last day of the month. Similar to OnlyFans, it takes approximately 7 business days for these payments to reflect in your account. As a result, you can anticipate receiving payments around the 22nd and 7th of the month, adjusting slightly due to weekends.

Main differences between both platforms

Loyalfans vs. Onlyfans measurement

Earnings opportunities: Both platforms offer diverse income opportunities for adult content creators. On LoyalFans, creators can earn through single pictures, picture sets, clip sales, tips, referral programs, voice messages, monthly subscriptions, and personal requests. OnlyFans provides similar earning avenues, including custom content creation, referrals, fan tips, pay-per-message, and monthly subscriptions.

Payment frequency: Payment frequency varies between the platforms. OnlyFans allows creators to withdraw earnings at any time once they reach $20, with the option to set automatic payout dates, whether weekly, monthly, or biweekly. In contrast, LoyalFans pays creators twice a month, with a minimum payout threshold of $50.

Referral programs: OnlyFans offers a 5% referral fee for 12 months when a model refers another creator. In contrast, LoyalFans offers a lifetime 5% referral fee for referred creators. Additionally, creators on LoyalFans can earn a percentage of customer spending on other models through the customer revenue share program.

All about the features

A prominent critique aimed at OnlyFans revolves around its perceived lack of innovation. Many argue that the platform has remained static, failing to introduce fresh features for both creators and users. Essentially, OnlyFans has maintained its status quo, primarily because it hasn’t felt the need to expand further. The reason for this inertia is simple—it’s a tried-and-true formula that continues to generate substantial revenue.

However, it’s worth noting that while OnlyFans may have resisted radical changes, it still boasts a handful of valuable features. Interestingly, some of these features are also found on the LoyalFans platform, which include the sale of video clips and geoblocking.

LoyalFans offers some additional features not found on OnlyFans. There’s the auto-tweeting feature. With this tool, you can configure your profile to automatically send out tweets to your Twitter account whenever you share new content on your feed.

Lastly, LoyalFans introduces a feature called shoutouts, which adds a unique and enjoyable twist. While some other platforms allow users to request personalized videos, LoyalFans has turned it into a distinct offering. Shoutouts resemble the celebrity videos you might order from Cameo but with a playful, adult-oriented twist.


Loyalfans vs. Onlyfans pros and cons

LoyalFans and OnlyFans are two popular adult content subscription platforms. OnlyFans is more renowned with a larger user base and brand recognition. LoyalFans offers a lifetime referral program and customer revenue share. Both platforms have similar commission structures, allowing creators to keep 80% of earnings.

LoyalFans stands out for its additional features and better money-making potential. It provides more ways to earn, a better referral system, and unique features like auto-tweeting and shoutouts.

In essence, while OnlyFans is more famous, LoyalFans offers content creators some more opportunities and unique features.

Author Jane Foster